The benefits of Land Banking Investment with Zulus Investments Ltd. has been made clear to everyone through the high success rate of our first Land Banking Investment Project.

This is a real estate platform where you invest in real estate to make profit/interest of 30% in one year and 60% in 2 years.
Our testimonials from LIP 1.0 speak for us as so many people benefited from this real estate investment project.

The funds invested are used for real estate investment and are comprehensively insured, the estate land itself serve as security till we pay you your capital and Return on Investment, you will get a signed post-dated cheque for your maturity payment.

The durations for this project are 6mnths, 9mnths, 12mnths, 18mnths, 24mnths.

The investment plans vary: we have: FLEX- 100K -999K at 28% interest rate ROI, PRO- 1M-49.9M at 30% interest rate ROI and PREMIUM- 50M+ at 35% Return on Investment.

The LIP 2.0 offer starts from now, June 12th until July 31st, 2020!!!

Presentation of gift date and venue will be communicated on the 31st of July.

Congratulations to all our investors in advance.

Remember, Money invested in real estate has secured profit.

Invest now!!!



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